Felt 2014 - 27.5? No thanks

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In recent days, the manager of Felt in California have presented a new range of mountain bikes that make up the catalog 2014. No, there are bicycles with 27-inch wheels and a half, but 29ers and only one model - of previous production - with 26-inch wheels. This is what is making allineanoi Specialized, one of the big companies that pursues the path of large diameter wheels.
Scott Sharples, Aussie, once the downhill of rank, and 'the new product manager regarding mountain biking: all models have been lightened up to half a pound, or 250 grams, and all of them use the thru-axle rear 12 × 142 . Opens the full range Edict Nine FRD, Felt Racing Development on 11 pounds full dell'XX1, 100 mm of travel for cross country and marathon races. This is followed by a full 130 mm, the Virtue Nine carbon system with rear Equilink owner and a stroke of 130 mm, while the aluminum version takes advantage of a position of the rear caliper really special because of the additional link between the wheel axle and the upper sheaths (the Carbon advantage of the downturn). The Compulsion to 160 mm and 'the only 26-inch.

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